Trail directory

1 = Dirt Road Can Possibly Get There w/ Two Wheel Drive.
2 = Stock Four Wheel Drive.
3 = Clearance Required (31″ tires).
4 = Locker Recommended w/ 4Low Range
5 = Locker Recommended  w/ 4Low Range 33″ Tires (High Probability of Damage)

6 = Front & Rear Lockers Mandatory w/ 35″ Tires Minimum (Damage Likely)


Note that with the proper driving and skills, some of these recommendations may not affect your abilities to run any of the listed trails below with a less built vehicle. This is not an official trail rating system, but to be used as only only a reference guide to help give you an idea of what to expect on the trail. Proceed at your own risk!


Trail name Rating Time
El Dorado Canyon 4 Day Run
Barrett Lake 4-5 Overnighter
Rubicon Trail 5 Two Nights
Fordyce 6 Two Nights
Wilson Canyon 2-3 Day Run
Red Canyon 2 Day Run
Bullionville 2 Day Run
Barney Riley Trail 2-3 Day Run
Poison Creek (Bryant Canyon) 3-4 Day Run
Brunswick Canyon to Como 1-2 or 4 Day Run
Bronco Canyon 5 Day Run
Run to Petroglyphs 1 Day Run
Prison Hill Any Any
Moon Rocks Any Any
Mineral Valley 2 Day Run
Sand Mountain Any Any
Hunter Lake 1-2 Day Run
Jumbo Grade 2-3 Half Day Run
Steve’s Loop 3 Day Run